Aren’t you the massage company at the Austin Airport?

Unfortunately, Knot Anymore. (Pun sort of intended …)

We were the massage company at Austin-Bergstrom from April 2002 until our last day of business at ABIA on December 31st, 2018. More details can be found here and here. In 2017, against the recommendation of the Airport Advisory Commission, our customer base and our staff of long term massage therapists, the airport and Austin City Council approved a contract with a large multi-national airport spa. This new business will open in 2019 in the spot where our local, independent and 100% Austin business was lovingly grown for nearly 17 years.

That’s infuriating! Who can I complain to?

Austin City Council made the final vote on this matter, and any dissatisfaction you have with the result should be directed to City Council. (NB: Council Members Kathy Tovo and Leslie Pool were strong advocates for Knot Anymore and voted for us!)

I have unused Repeat Customer Cards! What can I do about that?

You earned those cards can still redeem them at our new walk-in location at Caffe Teo in central Austin. In fact, we’d LOVE to see you there!

What about unused gift cards?

You can redeem those too at our walk-in location at Caffe Teo!

On-site Massage

Where does your pricing start?

Our corporate and event pricing starts at $70 per therapist per hour. We occasionally charge a “rush fee” for events with less than 72-hour notice.

Is there a minimum for each corporate or event sessions?

We request a 4-hour minimum ($280) per job.

Is there bulk pricing available?

We have bulk pricing available for large events. We do not charge travel or set up fees and music and/or candles can be included at no extra charge

Our primary service area is Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

Can I get a massage if I am pregnant?

Yes and no. Pregnancy is a special circumstance that requires extra skill and training of the therapist. Each of our massage therapists has his/her own comfort level with pregnancy massage and other special circumstances. Some of our therapists welcome pregnancy massage and some do not. This can all be worked out during the intake conversation you and your therapist will have.