Knot Anymore’s last day at ABIA was 12.31.18. This was not our choice. Here’s what happened.

In April 2002, Knot Anymore partnered with the City of Austin to pilot chair massage at ABIA. We opened with two massage chairs, a few brave therapists and our fingers crossed that it would succeed. And succeed it did! Over the next 16 years, we built a thriving and successful business, adding therapists, service offerings, and devoted customers - eventually expanding to three bustling locations in the terminal.

Building our airport business consciously and successfully for nearly two decades was a labor of love for us. It could not have occurred without the support of our loyal repeat customers, our supremely talented therapists and the smooth and collaborative relationship we developed with the Aviation Department.

In 2016 the city issued a Request for Proposals for the massage concession at ABIA. Four companies submitted proposals - Knot Anymore and three national brands. The airport recommended that the contract be awarded to XpresSpa - a large, multinational airport spa conglomerate. We protested to the airport’s advisory body and they agreed with us. At their vote in December, 2017, Austin City Council had two recommendations from which to choose: the airport’s recommendation of XpresSpa, and the advisory panel’s recommendation of Knot Anymore.

Despite impassioned testimony from our customers and employees, Council voted to award the contract to XpresSpa. (Mayor Pro Tem Tovo and Council member Pool voted for Knot Anymore)

We were able to say “goodbye” to many of you - but we didn’t get a chance to tell each of you this story. What saddens us the most is that you may find our now-dark locations and think we either went out of business (not true!) or left the airport willingly (also not true!). We strongly disagree with the choice that City Council made and wish the outcome had been different.

Many of you have asked “who can I talk to about this?” Our best advice would be to reach out to those who ultimately made this decision - Austin City Council.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your patronage over the years. We wish you safe and stress-free journeys … and keep in touch!

-Your friends at Knot Anymore